Classical music has always ment a lot to me and has accompanied me during my entire live.
Already at the age of 8 years I started piano lessons - not only because my parents wished to give me a musical background - but I loved to play the piano and I never complained about the finger exercices.
Nobody in the house ever tried to stop me or complained about my noisy piano exercices.
Nevertheless, I didn't become a famous pianist. Later, someone discovered that I had a good voice too, but I didn't become a famous singer either.
My favourite music has been composed during the period 1850 to the beginning of the 19th century. This music touches me deeply.
I have listed some of my favourite composers. They are listed in alphabetic order - not as a ranking. A few music samples are included. This is 'streaming music'.
Listen to it if you have installed RealPlayer:

Johannes Brahms
Piano Trio no. 1
Antonin Dvorák
American Quartett no. 12
Gustav Mahler
Gustav Mahler (min side)
5. symfoni | 10. symfoni
Arnold Schönberg

Verklärte Nacht
Jean Sibelius

Finnlandia | 1. symfoni
Dimitry Sjostakovich
5. symfoni
Richard Strauß

Don Juan
Giuseppe Verdi

Strykekvartett, e-moll
Richard Wagner

Die Walküre
(Kirsten Flagstad - opptak fra 1937)
Lyder fra en svunnen tid Music from Heaven